HowNow is a document management system which allows users to store and retrieve all documents, emails, files and correspondence that they create, send or receive. All data is stored centrally, instantly searchable via a lighting fast search engine and uses your existing customer database to reference files.

HowNow also includes a powerful Knowledge Manager which centralises all of your standard procedures, templates and reference materials, ensuring your team always work from the same approved, up to date templates.

When combined with powerful data merging functionality and the optional Workflow Manager and MailScan (OCR) modules, HowNow is the total solution to systemising your business.

Client Portal provides you with a secure, easy way to exchange files with your clients which doesn’t rely on unsecured and unreliable email or regular mail. It is easy-to-use and simple to set up; is accessible any time by both you and your clients; does not restrict the types of documents and files that can be exchanged; and, unlike other similar products on the market, it fully integrates with your document management system.

With no limitation on file size, and full integration into your existing HowNow software, the Client Portal is the next logical step in client communication, all without having to leave HowNow!

Set up the client in HowNow

The client’s portal account is created simply by enabling the client portal and establishing the type of notifications to be received by your client – you also have the flexibility of deciding who, in your firm, will receive notifications when a file is received from your client.

Upload files to the Client Portal

It is simple to transfer files to your clients portal using the Export function. On export, HowNow reports on the successful upload of documents to the portal, and confirms notifications have been sent to the client. When the export has been done, the record status will be changed to Uploaded, allowing your team to easily identify which files have been uploaded.

Client Notification

Your client receives an SMS, email or both, depending on their preferences. The email contains a direct link to the portal login, which can be located on your firm’s website.

Client uploading files to you

Your clients can upload files to you and their file will automatically download into HowNow and will be easily identified by the Record Status. The nominated staff member for that client receives a notification email containing a SmartLink – this will open the downloaded client file.


HowNow provides a Client Portal report that allows you to easily view which files you have uploaded to your clients (and whether they have or have not downloaded the file) and files that your clients have uploaded to you that HowNow has downloaded into Records.