HowNow On-premise

The ultimate in document and email management


HowNow is the ultimate in file management between all teams, departments and levels of your business.

With HowNow, users are able to store and retrieve all types of documents, emails, files and correspondence that they create, send or receive. All data is stored centrally, instantly searchable via a lighting fast search engine and uses your existing customer database to reference files.

HowNow also includes a powerful Knowledge Manager which centralises all of your standard procedures, templates and reference materials, ensuring your team always work from the same approved, up to date templates.

When combined with powerful data merging functionality and the optional Workflow Manager, MailScan (OCR) and HowNow Portal modules, HowNow is the total solution to systemising your business.


HowNow brings together all the areas of your business under the ‘How We do it Here’ approach. Through centralised storage of not only your client, administration and HR files, but also your firm’s standard templates, processes and reference material, HowNow creates an environment where absolutely everything is in one place.

Incorporating both team level and individual user security and visibility, HowNow manages all levels of access, whether dealing with sensitive or communal data, and also facilitates delivery to third parties.

With HowNow you have your entire ecosystem of information at your fingertips.

Our clients tell us that HowNow:

Cuts the cost of completing their jobs by up to 15%
Improves job turn-around times
Saves 20 minutes per person per day
Allows them to go paperless
Reduces new staff induction and training times
Reduces key person dependence
Optimises the value of their business by preparing it for sale or succession
Facilitates business continuity in the event of disaster or unplanned office closure


Workflow Manager

The easy way to keep control of all your jobs – current and future

MailScan (OCR)

MailScan is designed to automatically scan, file and process incoming mail in a simple, cost-effective way

HowNow Portal

Share instantly with your clients to preview, sign and download documents


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