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Why do you need HowNow Online

Designed from the ground up for the cloud, HowNow Online brings the same depth of understanding of the requirements for a powerful document and email management system. Simple and flexible in its approach, it is easy to add, preview, filter or download documents, all from within your browser – making it easily accessible from anywhere.

Starting with accessing your contacts from Xero practice manager or CCH iFirm (or you can add them directly), HowNow Online manages all your standard templates as well as client and firm documents. The ideology is to keep all your electronic files in one location, accessible by anyone, anywhere.

HowNow Online provides

  • Lightning fast search
  • Create a document directly from a template
  • Store and retrieve all documents of any file type
  • Upload and download multiple documents
  • Add emails directly from outlook desktop
  • Use your existing customer database to link with HowNow – one place to update
  • Team level security
  • Flexible filters for easy retrieval

Your Investment

HowNow Online Pricing

$15 per user/month
  • Minimum 5 Users

HowNow Cloud Solution Webinar

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