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Why do you need HowNow

HowNow is the ultimate in file management between all teams, departments and levels of your business.

With HowNow, users are able to store and retrieve all types of documents, emails, files and correspondence that they create, send or receive. All data is stored centrally, instantly searchable via a lightning fast search engine and uses your existing customer database to reference files.

HowNow also includes a powerful Knowledge Manager which centralises all of your standard procedures, templates and reference materials, ensuring your team always work from the same approved, up to date templates.

When combined with powerful data merging functionality and the optional Workflow Manager and Portal modules, HowNow is the total solution to systemising your business.

Our clients tell us that HowNow:

  • Cuts the cost of completing their jobs by up to 15%
  • Improves job turn-around times
  • Saves 20 minutes per person per day
  • Allows them to go paperless
  • Reduces new staff induction and training times
  • Reduces key person dependence
  • Optimises the value of their business by preparing it for sale or succession
  • Facilitates business continuity in the event of disaster or unplanned office closure


  • Lightning fast search

  • One place for everything

  • One way – systemised and standardised

  • Integrates with all major accounting systems

Additional Module: Workflow Manager

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